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Roundup of Pakistan's Foriegn Policy

The third episode of Diplomatic Enclave went really well. This episode includes a quick roundup of last week's news. A great report on Iran's cultural aspects and a report explaining the importance of this week's Pakistan-Afghanistan-Iran Strategic Agreements.

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Islamabad is a city of diplomats. The team at ARY NEWS noticed that there was no show covering diplomatic activities in the city. ARY NEWS came up with the idea to start a new show called, Diplomatic Enclave. This show has different segments. All the segments are named differently. The segment called, Diplomacy, has an interview with a diplomat or with the foreign office spokesperson. The segment, Saqafti Sargarmian (Cultural Activites), include some cultural events arranged by different embassies, mostly on their national days. The segment called Aalmi Naza( World view), include all important news covered by international media world wide in the current week. Here are links of the two segments that have already gone on air.