Environment Friendly Handicratfs of Muzaffarabad, Pakistan

We all know how hazardous can the plastic bags be to our environment. Burning them , releases poisonous gases, just throwing them away can cause sewage problems not only this, they can also be harmful for agricultural land. Yet plastic bags are commonly used in Pakistan and there is no proper mechanism to recycle them. On my recent visit to Muzaffarabad, I was pleasantly surprized to cover a project for ARY NEWS. This project is about utilising plastic bags to make useful household items. This project is sponsered by NGO,Idara e Taleem o Agahi, and the U.S. State department. Under this project, Tahir Alam, a school teacher, has guided girls of a local school of Muzaffarabad to weave plastic threads and make household items. By cutting the plastic bags in a certain way, the girls are able to get 9 yards of plastic thread. Girls have made useful items such as table mats, baskets, school bags and other decorative items by weaving plastic thead. The project head , Tahir Alam, says that this is a unique example of putting plastic bags, something extremely harmful for the environment to an excellent use. The girls who weaved these lovely products said that if they get help and support from the government, than not only would they be doing something good for their environment , but also be able to earn good amount of money. If such projects are sponsered all over Pakistan , than there is no doubt that we could help recycle plastic bags on a larger level, and thus help keep our environment cleaner.



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