History Of Moti Bazar, Rawalpindi

Moti Bazar is one of the oldest bazars in Rawalpindi city. It is  hub of business activities, many people visit it but only few are aware of its interesting history. I was fortunate to get to know some interesting facts about this lively bazar. Almost, 200 years ago, Satti practice was common in India.  Like any vibrant society, there were a group of people who were against this practie. Mr. Moti Lal Nohri, a prominenet sikh from Rawalpindi was one who spoke against this practice openely. To help widowed women, Moti Lal opened a centre for these women. In this centre women who were afraid that there families or their in laws would  burn them to death after their husbands death, took protection in this centre. Women would stich clothes, do embriodery on clothes and sell them outside their centre. This provided them some money to feed themselves. After partition , this centre was closed and the building was alloted to a school. So, next time if you happen to go to Moti Bazar, do visit M.C. Boys High School, which is in the centre of Moti Bazar. This school was the centre for those widowed women. The name given to Moti Bazar is after name of Moti Lal Nohri, and the reason why Moti Bazar has many shops of women embroided clothes is also because of those women who 200 years ago made their living by selling clothes outside their centre. M.C Boys High School, still runs and comes under federal board. Th school also has old record. According to school adminstration many people who come from India, visit this school, where they studied for a year or two.
Following is the link of my news report on this historical centre.



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