U.S. not Freezing Military Aid to Pakistan

              I got a chance to interview Mark Stroh, spokesperson of the U.S. Embassy in Islamabad, for ARY NEWS. Following is the summary of the interview.

             The U.S. says its not cutting the military aid of 700 million dollars nor it is freezing the aid to Pakistan. The senate has passed a defence authorisation bill, which bounds Pakistan to cooperate with the U.S. in combating the IED's, which have been a primary sources of deaths of U.S. and NATO forces in Afghanistan. If the defence departement of U.S. sends a report to the congress that Pakistan is cooperating than the aid money will go to Pakistan. This bill will most likely be soon signed by President Obama, and than Pakistan would be bound to control the flow of IED's to Afghanistan. Experts of International affairs, here in Islamabad have been talking about a clear shift in Pakistan's policy regarding war on terror. So I asked Mark, what would be the reaction of the U.S. government if Pakistan withdraws itself from the ongoing war on terror ?   and would U.S. appreciate Pakistan's efforts of talking and negotiating with the militants rather than fighting as its new policy ? As expected , Mark's response was not very encouraging for Pakistan. According to him, Pakistan is a soverign country and it can take its own decisions, but the militantscontinue to be a threat to not only Pakistan , and Afghanistan , but to the entire world including the U.S.. Than clearly there are other avenues to confront this threat rather than only talking and negotiating with the.
Here's link of my interview.



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