Peace Award to Malala yousafzai from Prime Minister Pakistan

Malala Yousafzai is a fourteen year old girl of Swat, Pakistan. She has recently been awarded the first National Peace Award of Pakistan. The award in future will  be associated with Malala's name. Between 2007 and 2009,  there was a military operation going on in Swat against militants. Militants were bombing girls's schools throughout Swat, and killing people who were favoring the military and government of pakistan.This was the time when people were shifting to other cities, when people had hidden themselves in their homes. But Malala was brave enough to talk to national and international media. She openely talked about girls education, how harmful bombing girls schools would be. She became a part of Newyork Times documentaries , A school girl's odyessy, and A class dismissed in Swat. She also was a regular writer for BBC Urdu website. On 20th Decemeber 2011, she  recieved Pakistan's first peace award, in recognition of her services to raise awareness about girl's education. On her meeting with the Prime Minister she demaded that a seperate campus of Swat University and a post graduate college for women, be opened for Swat's girls. I was fortunate to meet this exceptionally talanted girl . I spoke with Malala and her father. Malala is thankful to the Prime Minister and to the media of Pakistan, for highlighting her efforts. Malala wants to become a honest politician of Pakistan, someone who would sincerely work for the people of Pakistan. She also wants to establish, Malala Foundation trust. Through this organization she wants to work for children rights. She wants that all girls of Pakistan should be given a chance to go to school. Malala's sheer determination and passion proves that she will achieve all her dreams. The best part is that her dreams are not associated only with her growth and success. Her dreams are associated with millions of young girls of Pakistan and most importantly her dreams are associated with the bright future of Pakistan.                    

Here's the link of my conversation with Malala and her father.


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